Saturday, August 14, 2010


I saw someone's belief on marriage that had them saying that the ideas on it have fluctuated all throughout the Bible.
They pointed out how there was polygamy, and monogamy, and most marriages were arranged, and several other interesting points.
They use this as something to base their ideas of marriage upon.
It's odd how we notice the ways we get marriage (or anything, really) to match up with what we want, and find ways to make it work for the way we believe.

I just keep wondering, when God told people about this in Genesis, was He serious about a man leaving his parents and cleaving to his wife?
Or was He saying this is a starting point, and ignore some things that will come out later that He was going to tell us were not meant to be part of the plan?

I know some will come on here and argue.
I would be interested to see them answer questions, though.
But we all need to work through things. Myself included.

I was also wondering one other thing.
If people believe so strongly in evolution, and the survival of the fittest concept that goes with it, why they support or oppose certain ideas of what marriage should be?
(i.e. same-sex marriage is good, even though it would cause that part of the race to die out without some other means of reproduction)

So many thoughts, and I have some ideas on the why's, but not an absolutely clear understanding on why the lines are drawn where they are for some.
Ah, well. Life goes on.


Doorman-Priest said...

i.e. same-sex marriage is good, even though it would cause that part of the race to die out without some other means of reproduction.

Roland: Newsflash - gay couples can have children.

Arielle said...

i.e. same-sex marriage is good, even though it would cause that part of the race to die out without some other means of reproduction.

I think you may have misread, DP.

Roland said...

Not by natural means, DP.

Hence, part of my trying to understand this...

Doorman-Priest said...

"without some other means of reproduction"
Fine, but there are those other means so the first part of the sentence is redundant.

So where do you draw the line Roland? I'd like to hear your red line.

Roland said...

My line isn't red.
It's in the sand.
We all draw lines in the sand.

I have seen plenty of reasons for saying we should allow it, and plenty of reasons against allowing it.

Personally, my line isn't in support of same sex unions. (And yes I can support the people without supporting every little thing they believe in)
I hope people don't support me losing my temper when I am frustrated and upset, but I hope they support me. (not sure how many will understand that, but can't be helped)

In my understanding, God never intended same sex marriages. And there are more than a few passages which touch on the subject, but I am curious as to why others think it isn't so.

Am I a homophobe? (chuckle) I have a few people I know who are gay. If I am homophobic, I must hide it well. ;)
They know that I don't think its the best lifestyle choice, but I have some things that they don't agree with as well.
It doesn't mean we can't be friends and talk about life.

Sadly, too many people get very defensive on this subject.
And have trouble defining their line in the sand. (Its always possible I have misunderstood God, I have before) That is why for any of us who are not God, it is sometimes safer to realize we are drawing in sand, not on rocks.

One of the points you brought up, Jack, was that years ago people of different ethnic backgrounds were frowned upon.
We both agree on that, I believe, that there isn't good backing for that idea.
I wonder why you then say, many now don't agree with same sex unions, and then won't allow ANY adult unions?
You used the argument against a mother-son, father-daughter union as something no one would allow (especially because of the close familial ties), even if they are consenting adults.

I understand that your line is in a different place.

I am still curious as to why. Mainly because the reasons you use to defend it, would also work for the unions I listed above.

So, I hope you can see my confusion in why your line is there.

Anyway, these are just some of my thoughts. (Wish CS Lewis were still around, he would have some good insights I think) :)

Wonder Woman said...


Seems any twit with ovaries can make a child. Prolly not. But it is, what it is. Retards getting pregnant all the damn time :(
While it take so much more to raising wonderful caring loving human beings. Part of His plan?
Guess there is the balance?

God watches over us - same sex relationships, opposite sex relationships- and really do you think He has time to worry about it all in the grand scheme of things?

As a parent, I want decent, caring, intelligent lovable children/adult cubs - who they love (and the fact they can love unconditionally and wholely is FREAKING FANTASTICAL) is a mute point.

I choose an easier route for them, hetrosexual lifestyles. If they feel they've been born homosexual then pitter patter, go get at er.
Life is too short to worry about the small stuff.

Live, love and be kind :)

He knows where YOU live ;)