Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Its nice to reminisce (part 2)

Lord Anderson's driving skills at the reins of the coach were so gentle that they almost rocked me to sleep in the many seconds, nay, the few minutes it took to arrive at the place where the doctor was. I managed to stay awake through all the pain, but with an effort.

He drove the carriage up to the door, and an assistant of the doctor gave me a strange wheeled chariot to ride in on. I was ushered to a small room that was well lit, and 3 other assistants came in to help. THREE! Imagine how great a doctor this man must be!

They gave me some medicine which lessened my anxiety over all the proceedings of the evening thus far, and then asked me the oddest question:
"Sir, do you mind if we cut these pants?"
I must admit, that seemed like an odd question, but it must be some sort of ritual to ward off bad luck, so I just replied with, "Go ahead, I can get more at Target for $15"
I must have been delirious from the medicine, for I know not what I was saying, but it seemed to make them happy and they cut the pants half way up the right leg to expose my broken ankle.

It is odd. I was holding my leg in such a way that my toes should have been pointing straight up at the ceiling, but alas, my toes were pointing off to the right wall. 90 degrees off.
It passed through my mind to try to fix it, but then I thought, "Hey, let the doctor do it. He will probably have a better idea how to do it anyway."
Shortly thereafter, yet another assistant came by and told the assistant that was with me now, that he thought he was supposed to be working in that room. I am truly amazed at the amount of people this doctor had working for him. And I began to wonder, "How many rooms and people are in this place?"
Well, the first assistant stayed, and they sent me to another room with TWO more assistants. I almost think the people were playing dress up and moving around, but it was 2 different people!
I digress....

They took pictures of my leg in that room. Odd that they kept having me pose my leg, but I was not really caring too much. (I got more of this demarol medicine, and I felt goooooood) :)
I was returned to my original room and waited.

Shortly thereafter, I met the doctor. His name was Florin. I think he was the sworn enemy of someone named Gildor, and asked him, "Have you seen the Princess Bride?"
I can only assume my delirium and pain must have addled my wits to ask such a question. He proceeded to look at my leg and told me he had not seen her.
Well, without warning, he pulled on my leg. Gently, but I should have seen it coming.
I heard a couple popping noises and then felt a "thunk!" and my leg looked straight!
I was about to thank the doctor for this miraculous cure, when he started to wrap it in this magical white cloth that hardened within minutes and kept my leg immobile.
He then told me, that I needed to see another doctor to get my leg more straightened out.
I was still a bit uncomfortable, but just agreed.

Lord Anderson later told me I turned white when they 'set' my leg, as I learned that is what they called it. But I just remember closing my eyes and thought I had fallen again.
Anyway Lord Anderson helped to get me back in the carriage and we started the long trek for home...

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Doorman-Priest said...

"They gave me some medicine which lessened my anxiety."

I could do with that when driving in a strange city.