Friday, June 11, 2010

Burning the midnight oil

The article this guy wrote is very insightful.
And it seems interesting to me that "W" was very stringently taken to task for things he had no control over, and "O", though taking flack, is getting far less.

Although I can look at it several ways, I will try to take the positive tack, and hope against hope that the media isn't biased, but is maybe realizing that there is only so much you can do about something like this when you are the President.
Then again, maybe the media found someone (BP) to take the blame.
Unlike Katrina, there is definite culpability there on BP's part, and they miffed it.
The media should point out BP's screw up. They did that.
They should help us realize there is better ways to fix these things. The are doing that too.
They also tell us what is being done right now. Good again.

I just wonder if we couldn't direct more of our energies to the problem (at least for now) and work on tearing BP a new one later.

Sadly, I think they are doing all they can, and it still isn't enough.
Sometimes, tipsy captains don't seem SO bad after all.

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