Friday, April 30, 2010

Its nice to reminisce...

I was scrolling back through some of my older posts.
I haven't changed a TON, but I have changed.
And I still like humor.

I will now regale everyone with the story of my broken ankle.

Part 1:
So there I was...
Out in the near freezing weather...
The thaw of the day had refrozen and treacherous ice slicks dotted the landscape.
I left my friends place, and trekked out into the vast emptiness, heading toward my carriage. (a 2000 Chrylser Town and Country, champagne pearl with leather seats, we got a very good deal on it... )
But I digress... ;)
I had crossed half the distance to my transportation, almost 15 yards, when...
... it happened. I came upon a vast ice pack. Using my superior arctic skills I attempted to cross the dangerous area. But...
Even my skills were no match for the slick ice shelf...
I fell. My companion heard me cry out. He called from the many yards distant, that he was. I pulled out my box of deleted expletives and used as many as I could find, but to no avail, my ankle was broken as far as I could tell.
He managed to get over to me with more luck than I had, and paused several seconds before telling me,
"Okay. Don't let your leg touch the ground. I will go get the guys. Oh yeah, and don't look."
I was pretty sure it was broken before, but that made me sure.
I could freeze out in those cold temperatures before he returned, but I managed to hold on until help arrived. I was sure hypothermia had been setting in, in the seconds before all my friends arrived to help, but I persevered.
My friends reached into their packs and managed to create a makeshift splint and loosely applied it, to keep my ankle from shifting for the 3000 yard trek to the closest doctor. It was touch and go in the carriage, but Lord Anderson's skills as a driver of coaches made my journey more pleasant than it could have been.

to be continued... :)


Doorman-Priest said...

I'm glad you can look back and laugh. How's the pain?

Wonder Woman said...

Ooooh my goodness!!!!

Don't keep me hanging...

Please :)