Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Making it work

The real secret to making relationships work, isn't trying your hardest, or doing your best.
Those might be good things, but it isn't what makes those things work.
The real secret is to be able to forgive, and be forgiven, for the shortcomings you both have in that relationship.

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Wonder Woman said...

I agree.

It's a tricky thing, this marriage idea.

I was married at 19, again at 25, and then recently at 37...

Relationships require patience but more so, forgiveness.

To forgive someone for being a dumbass, for not reading your mind, for leaving the laundry & dishes, etc...

All marriages need a one strike rule. This means you get to fluck up one MAJOR time, and be completely forgiven.
And then you move on, carry on as per usual... learning from your mistake(s), lack of understanding, etc...

But hell, who am I to really understand it all. Talk to me when Im in my 40's - the true test comes IF I do not remarry ;-)

Give me strength dear Lord!