Tuesday, July 01, 2008


The liberties of a people never were,
nor ever will be, secure
when the transactions of their rulers
may be concealed from them.

-Patrick Henry, revolutionary (1736-1799)


Chaplain Luken said...

How about this one.
"The frequency of blog posts is inversely proportional to the quality of the video game the blogger is addicted to."

Chaplain Luken said...

However I do not think it is a video game that the Difster is addicted to. He sent me a picture of his girlfriend. Very nice

Wonder Woman said...

Addictions come in many forms young luken...

Roland said...

Yup. What the heck video game are you playing? ;)

I agree. Video games are addictive, but so is sex. Yet another of my blogging woes as of late. Poor me. :D

Chaplain Luken said...

Ouch, you got me on that one. Guess you could call it simlife. or simfatherhood. It is very fun but it takes all of your available free-time.

Roland said...

What gives?! I have one more kid than you. No newborns, I'll admit, but you're needing to find yet another reason. ;)
And I saw the pic of dif on your computer.
I also forwarded myself the new e-mail for Mark and Sue.
I also stole all you KODT comics, and the 'I' series.
I need to watch your kids more often. :)

MikeT said...

Clearly, Patrick Henry is a terrorist.

Chaplain Luken said...

I also have 2 more jobs than you, and a house with more stuff to fix. Plus all the extra maintenance, plus preparing for church on Sundays and for game night on Thursdays. What do you got one extra kid. pbtttt pish

Roland said...

I think Mr. Henry would be labeled that, Mike. What a twisted world we live in.

Todd, dude, my house needs nearly as much work as yours. You may have a pool and a bathroom you tore apart, but I haven't finished a room I started 3 years ago, and believe me, I am not allowed to forget it.
I keep getting warnings that my yard isn't "pretty enough" and have to deal with that too.
I have to mentally prepare for Thursdays as well. Think Bob or Brian from KODT.
And as for Sunday, is that the only day you do something Biblically related?
There are more days in the week you know. ;)