Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Rampant Racism in Republican Ranks

50% of the voters in the Kentucky primary would not vote for Obama if he were the nominee.
Of those, 2/3 would vote for the old white guy, McCain.
Surely a sign of racism in the ranks.

If these same numbers came up for Republicans, my post title would be headlined everywhere.
But since its the Democrats, it must be okay?

And if Obama does win the presidency, does this mean we in America will be an Obama-nation?


Pablo said...

I understand your post, and I agree with the fact that these results will hypocritically NOT be pointed out in the mainstream media, but here's a question for you, Roland:

So what if some people don't like blacks? Or Chinese? Or Italians? Or crackers?

I'm not getting on your case here, I'm just trying to point out that it shouldn't be a federal case if some people don't especially like people from certain races.

Discriminating against someone based on their race when it comes to things they really need (housing, food, education) is obviously wrong but is it really wrong if some voters don't want an Irishman, an African-American, or a Russian to represent them in government?

I guess what bugs me most about this topic is how liberals want to regulate our feelings and attitudes towards others. Don't Americans have the right to associate freely without being forced to "embrace" everyone?

Okay, time for my meds...

WayneDawg said...

I'm with Pablo on this one Roland.

What if I (just an example) don't want a black or woman president?

That's not being a's called choice.

Don't the Lib's love choice?

Chaplain Luken said...

yes to all

steve martin said...

Yes...if he wins, we will have ourselves an Obama-nation.

Nice one!

- Steve M.

Roland said...

People can be racist all they want.
It might show lack of wisdom and understanding, but that isn't what I was noticing.
I was noticing the media's desire to say, "Republicans bad, Democrats good."
Nothing more.

MikeT said...

It might be good for this country to give Obama a shot. 4 years of him might make for people starting to wake up to the reality that "making history" by voting someone based on identity politics and cheap rhetoric is a bad move for the country. Besides, better to "make history" that way than by voting for Hillary.

steve martin said...


We might not be able to recover from four years of a leftist socialist with a dubious record at best and penchant for hanging around America haters and unrepentant domestic terroists.

Our enemies are licking their chops!

Pablo said...

I was noticing the media's desire to say, "Republicans bad, Democrats good."
Nothing more.

I know, and I completely agree.
Sorry I went off on a rant like that!

Kinggame said...

Ummm, I have to disagree with most everyone here. I don't like Obama's politics, so I won't be voting for him, but to do so for racial reasons in, frankly, disgusting. Irish, Chinese, Russian, whatever, God bless you. I have big problems with the governments of those last two nations, but if an American of that national bloodline were to run for office, I'd just need to see their politics and try and judge their character.

I really hope people are just joking on this sight, and it's very tongue in cheek humor I'm missing because connotation doesn't work well in written form. Please, God, let that be the case.