Saturday, May 03, 2008

Goofy humor

Made my kids laugh.


Doorman-Priest said...

How did I miss your poll on the side-bar?

How can anyone believe homosexuality is a choice and not an orientation? I dispair!!

Roland said...

The silly part is, I was wondering the opposite.
I need to think on this some more before I make another post or poll about it.

Grace said...
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Jeff Greathouse said...


I would love to have an open and honest conversation on this topic.

I have hd quite a few conversations with homosexuals and their thoughts and a few of their comments have really got me thinking.

Doorman-Priest said...

Well, someone needs to post on it and away we go.

Actually I did, with theology, about a year ago.

Jeff Greathouse said...

Are we putting $$ down on who will open that can of worms ?

Wonder Woman said...


Cummon people, "It's okay to be gay, in every way, hip hip hooray!"

I was on a roll there :)

I think some people choose to be gay, I know I was seriously concidering it after my second failed marriage. I however really like penises and those big lugs attached to them.

For some tho, many in fact, is it really a choice? I mean, yes you choose to act on your "gayness" or not. But having feelings, urges, what's attractive to you... it's pretty primal. I don't think people choose this. It's inate.

I once had the opportunity to meet someone. This someone said "his type" was a slender, taller then average, brown haired women. It's what got his juices flowing.
I didn't meet up with him, I'm short, blonde and very curvy :)

I get it, can you really "help" who you are attracted to? Probably to some degree. Not completely tho, I argue this point fully!

I know, I stand out on this subject when I read all the "religious" blogs and find such hatred for gay people. It makes me sad, the intolerance of others.
Yeah, it says in the bible - it's wrong. Gotcha. But so is many, MANY other ideals and I don't see such a stink about them ...

Ooookay then, I'm off to fantasize about a busty blonde licking my... KIDDING!


Indian Name: Flowing Juices
AKA: WW ...

Kate Morningstar said...

My grandmother sat in her back yard one day and told me which of the grandchildren or great-grandchildren of each of her four sisters were gay or lesbian. She left out her own granddaughter. Those grandchildren and great-grandchildren were born and raised on three separate continents, and most of them never met each other until well into adulthood. You can't convince me there's no genetic trace.

The Holy Name of God, as God revealed it, is "I Am What I Am". And we are made in God's image -- therefore, I also am what I am. Whatever that is.