Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Morris is turning 61 tomorrow.
Stop by and say "Happy Birthday!"
Why do I know this?
He lives halfway around the world in Australia.
I've never personally met him.
I actually remember his birthday because
I am exactly 20 years younger than he is.
Cool or what?

Also, I went to see a movie again.
Whole family liked it.


shadman said...

61 home run record, year the twins became a team, my golf ave in 9, number picked in many lottos. 61 times I thought of u, first two numbers in my old area code. 6-1 good start in the nfl season. 61 year jfk became our pres.

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks, Roland, and the very same to you, - 20. :P

Giraffe said...

You guys are old! :)

happy birthday!

Wonder Woman said...

Happy Birthday!

41, eh?

Wow, how does one get to be THAT old, I wonder....


Have fun!!!!!!!

j razz said...

I guess I will have to go watch it.

j razz

Pablo said...

Happy birthday Roland!
I'm 43, so don't feel bad.
As for Wonder Woman, she ain't 21 either...
hee hee!

Kate Morningstar said...

WW -- there's only one way to get that old -- don't die. Works every time ...

steve martin said...

Happy Birthday to you and your young friend in Austrailia.

- Steve M.

Doorman-Priest said...

41? I'm looking forward to it. (Again).

Anonymous said...

Loved, loved, loved Ironman.

HAPPY Birthday to you. Blessings!