Saturday, April 12, 2008

Video posting

Since the question came up.
If you go to a page on youtube, on the right hand side there is a small area that says, "embed"
Click on it and select all the text.
When your on your page to make a post, paste in the text on the "edit html" tab.
Then write your post.


MikeT said...

Another helpful thing to do is to cut out all of the crap between the two object tags, and then add two new properties to the open object tag: type and data. Type is something like "application/x-shockwave-flash" which you will see somewhere in the original text, and data should be the full url to the movie which you will likewise find in the original HTML that Youtube supplies you.

The reason you want to just have <object></object> is because that produces XHTML-valid markup. Youtube's stuff isn't valid like that by default.

Wonder Woman said...

S'anks man!

Morgan said...

It also helps to click the "view HTML" tab up top when you're doing posts in Blogger. If you have it on compose the video won't show up until you preview. Does that make sense? If not, sorry.

Morgan said...

I can't believe Fag Day beat out May Day in the poll. Fag Day has got to be the gayest holiday ever.
Oh, wait. That's Flag Day. Whatever, man. May Day is still way cooler.