Tuesday, March 18, 2008


We all have things we believe.
Other people go through life the same way.
This seems to address some of the things that this blog has covered recently.
(can't embed the video)


Sometimes we need to get a new perspective.
It changes everything.
Thanks to Wonder Woman for posting a link to this a few months back.
You might act silly, but you are a sweet genuine person.


Doorman-Priest said...

Ha, FIRST this time. I set the agenda!

I love all thi, I really do. I absolutely love hearing other perspectives because it challenges my own thinking. Sometimes the rough and tumble of debate strengthens my position, sometimes it makes me go away and rethink. Either way it develops me and I thank you all for that. It does this because in the main we are able to be civil and respectful.

I may not comment again for a while as I have to take Linda's advice from the last string and go away and read the whole Bible.

See you all in about three months then!

Wonder Woman said...

Thanks Duckie Poo, very kind words!

Genuine and shit, I am ;)

Peace OUT!
WW :)

Anonymous said...


I highly recommend the audio version of the bible...let someone else figure out how to pronounce all those weird names!

Interesting video!

Anonymous said...

Nice. Maybe the next time I get upset at "those crazy drivers" I'll remember this. ;)

Roland said...

I wear glasses.
So I thought the video was interesting too.

Craig said...

Interesting video, but I can't help but wonder if his change of heart is sincere or out of guilt.

Wonder Woman said...

Pessimistic Pete, let's go with sincere shall we?

WW :)

Anonymous said...

I wish I had those glasses. It would make this whole thing much easier.

Roland said...

I can understand why you would wonder.
I like your positive outlook.
I agree that they would be a big help. It would end the wonder. :)

I would just add that the guy in the video seems to gains some understanding. That alone is something that is cool.
I thought that was pretty much the point.
And yes, I bet he feels a little guilty.
But even more, his eyes were opened. And he saw.
Not a kid who was a nuisance, but one who needed someone to care about him.
Pretty good for us to take a lesson from.

Linda said...

The guy should of followed the "Golden Rule", but some practical advice is he should have given himself more time to get where he was going, he also should have parked farther away from the building where there was more parking since the exercise would be good for him, he also should of packed a lunch instead of going to a restuarant - he would of saved money and eaten healtier.

Roland said...

Good for you Linda.
You seem to know what is best for everyone.
What things are you in need of improvement on?