Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The play is the thing

Gary Gygax founded a game called Dungeons and Dragons back in the 1970's.
Just for information to those who read here, "I am a geek."
I played that game as a kid.
I still play it now on occasion.
Of course then, it was Dr. Pepper and junk food.
Now it's beer and beef jerky. (It takes two weeks for the smells to disappear) :)

I remember in my teens I saw him on 60 minutes.
They were asking him why there wasn't a warning label on his game, due to the fact that some people got too into it and lost hold of reality.
I remember his response.
He looked at a chair and pointed out how it could be used to hit someone.
He asked why we didn't have warning labels on those.
I chuckled.
It made me realize that anything can be misused.
Anything can be used as a scapegoat.

Some might think he was turning kids into dorks.
(couldn't do that, I already was one) ;p
Or idol worshippers.
(I wonder if anyone watches any idol shows in america?) ;)
But the truth is, I can see him as someone who had wisdom.
After all, God made Gary Gygax.
And God can take away, as well.
Rest in peace.

Gary Gygax (1938-2008)

For the geeks who know what I'm talking about.


layneh said...

Wisdom is a spiritual gift (1 cor. 12:8-10) Which means some have more than others. As I did not know this person, i couldnt tell you much about it.

I was raised with the understand that this game was bad, and should not be played. I have yet, to this day, never played that game. I have played games that might fall into the same realm though. Magic the gathering, World of Warcraft (the online game that is VERY addictive) and others that I cant remember the name of them.

Quija board is one I have also never touched, nor will I. God created all things, however the devil can use these things also.

I dont know much about D&D to tell you which category, if either, I would put it in.

Anonymous said...

Hey Roland, have you watched Shrek 3 yet? There is a very amusing D&D scene in that movie. I laughed my butt off! :)

Anonymous said...

I never played D&D, because it was a game for geeks! Sorry. But it wasn't becuase it was a bad or evil game. As layneh pointed out there are many other games that fall into this catagory but don't have the same stigma on them. I guess it just depends on who get their pant..s in a wad, about which games are considered bad or not.

Wonder Woman said...

Ooooh again I like that. I enjoy the words making pictures in my wee narrow mind...

It makes better sense :)

So, God also made motocycles and half naked woman straddling them...

What a glorious God indeed!!!!!

D&D - Found "them" a bit off... the players ;)

Roland said...

Magic is addictive. I can't tell you how much money I wasted on it when it first came out. Still fun, but now I moderate.
I have touched a Ouija board. I didn't see the big deal. It's a board. We can see more in things than what is really there. But the desire to get inside info, can lead to bad sources of it as well.

Yeah I've seen it, but don't recall the scene right now. I guess I'll have to watch it again. Poor me. ;)

Are you calling me a geek?! Huh?!? Are you?! ;)
It isn't for everybody. Only for those with imaginations. ;p
(couldn't resist the jab now, could I?)

I see you can picture teenage boys fantasizing. I have roleplayed in a game and in real life.
And, though I haven't roleplayed being a motorcycle with my wife yet....
Well you get the idea.
As for being 'off'.
Yes I am!
As I tell my wife,
"Woman! Go knit me a sweater!"
"Go bake me a pie!"
She loves that. ;)

Wonder Woman said...

Do you add to your requests, 'naked'?

It goes like this, "Woman! Go knit me a sweater naked!"
"Go bake me a pie naked!"

She will LOVE this, trust me ;-)

Tee, he, he...
WW :)

Acacia said...

I wouldn't count on it.

Wonder Woman said...


WW :)

Roland said...

If she made a pie naked, she might get burned.
And some of the fibers one knits with can be a bit coarse, so naked knitting might not be good either.

Jeromy said...

Geek, dork, Dr. Pepper, bear, beef jerkey...I like you already!

I would add comic books and Garbage Pail Kids to the list of kid-geekhood-memories.

MikeT said...

I don't know if it is real, but it sounds like something the Swedes would do, being so drunken and left-wing. Supposedly chainsaws used to have a label there that said "don't attempt to use genitalia to stop the chain."

I don't know, sounds kinda self-correcting to me...

Roland said...

Thanks Jeromy.
And great additions.

You made me spit out my drink! Dang, that's funny!