Saturday, March 29, 2008

More forgiveness

A concise post on forgiveness.

by Jeff


MikeT said...

Yet more proof that the Word of God really does have more benefits than just spiritual ones. Some of the things it says may seem strange or unnatural, but they work like the kosher diet helps keep dangerous foodborne diseases from infecting those who adhere to it.

Of course, forgiveness does not mean that punishment is inherently brushed aside. If you have committed a crime against someone, you have to pay for that, even if both of you have reconciled. Too often Christians forget that limit on grace.

Roland said...

I know that too, Mike. I think Christians just as often focus on the punishment more than the grace just as often as 'overdoing' grace.
Good reminder.

Jeff Greathouse said...

Thanks for the "plug"

Yes. forgiveness does not mean "reconciliation" and it does not mean that things should go unpunished.

But, we need to forgive. If someone destroys my family, I need to forgive. This does not mean I am going to ask the courts to drop the charges.

More on that later.

Doorman-Priest said...

I found this incredibly helpful. Thanks to you and Jeff.

Roland said...

np, Doorman. It helped me a lot too.