Thursday, March 27, 2008

Listening to reason

Sometimes we listen to reason.
Sometimes what we are told, is the right thing to do.
Sometimes not.
I told you before that I play RPG (role-playing games)
Here is a comic about the 'monsters' - goblins to be exact.
Except in this one, the 'monsters' are the good guys.
They have a friend who is being tortured and about to be put to death.
And the one who knows with his heart the right thing to do (Big Ears), listens to reason.
It is sound advice.
He gives into the sound, reasonable advice.
Though his heart doesn't want to do it.
His friend (Complains) doesn't listen well.
I'm so glad when I have friends who don't listen sometimes.
It helps me do the right thing.


layneh said...

Goblins, now that is a good subject. Lets explore this a little more.

Why are goblins always portrayed as bad? It cant be the pointy ears, elves have those and they are usually good (probably because they are tree huggers).

I think its cause they are green. the Hulk was green, and he freaked people out. No, Kermit was green, but he did always say it wasn't easy.

In conclusion, its decided, if your green, life will be hard.

WayneDawg said...

Layneh - lol....very funny!

Anonymous said...

Alf was kinda greenish, and everyone loves him.

McQ said...
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McQ said...

Prepare to be geekified. Layneh, I think goblins originated from Tolkein lore, and they were like evil decendants of elves. That's why they are slightly similar in appearance.

Roland, what RPG's do you play? Any mmo's?

Roland said...

No mmo's. It might be neat, but with all the other stuff I do, I'm afraid to start one.
Presently I am playing 3.5 Edition D&D every other week.
Heroes Unlimited with my kids.
They've even done some D&D with me.
I've played plenty more, but it's hard to find people to do them all.
And 3 kids, a wife and other things occupy a lot of time anyway.
I bet we could both sound extra geeky and freak out poor Layne. :)

eaglewood said...

I wonder if I could out geek you both. Goblins were in the Tolkien books but were not the evil kin of the elves the evil kin of the elves were the orcs.

McQ said...

Aren't goblins a type of orc?

eaglewood said...

No they were not. They were different creatures. Just like the trolls are different. In fact the uruk-hai were a combination of men, orc, and goblin.

Roland said...

Eaglewood, no you can't. ;)

McQ, yes in Tolkien's world, they were actually one and the same. Just different names for them.
If you read teh Silmarillion or Unfinished Tales it goes into some of that stuff.
If you play D&D, they are different. Why? I think they needed to fill up the book with creatures.
They are coming out with a 4th edition soon. June, I believe. Making the system easier to play and more adaptable to what you want your character to be.
I'll make a geeky post on it sometime this week.

Roland said...

That's not how I remember it.
Do you know where it says that at, Eaglewood?
I'm willing to be wrong. :)

eaglewood said...

As I recall in the LOTR trilogy when Sarumon was making the urak-hai it was mentioned what races they were made of. It would be in the first book. If I remember it was the strength of the goblins, the craftiness and skill of the orcs and the ability to withstand light from man.

It would require me to go back and read it again to know for sure. I also could be wrong.

But to show my true geek credentials, goblins have been in literature much longer than the Tolkien books have been around, it actualy predates him by centuries.

eaglewood said...

Did a little research on it on Wiki take it for what you will but I am wrong about goblins and orcs. they are the same to an extent. just diferent names depending upon what book you read.