Saturday, February 02, 2008


I saw Guilliani the day before he dropped out. He was very gracious and instead of ripping everyone to shreds, proved he was serious about stopping his campaign by commending all the other candidates. That's a whole topic in itself, but not what made me think.

Rudy commended Ron Paul specifically about how Paul had won all the polls about who won the debates. Which made me wonder why doesn't Paul get more votes. Which led me to Jesus.

Now you're thinking, "Ron Paul makes you think of Jesus?!?" Sort of.

I was thinking that at least as far as the truth goes, Paul does seem to have a good piece of it. If he is winning all these polls about who was most right in the debates, he must know what the right answers are. So why isn't RP getting more votes? He seems to know what he's talking about.

And it started me thinking about other groups who speak the truth. And yet, like Paul, people agree, but don't attend that particular church or group. Again, why? They are speaking the truth, right?

How one speaks truth will determine how effective you might be in swaying others to believe as you do. If you are the best debater and win all the arguments, but have not love, it is meaningless. If you can point out how badly others sin, but have not love, it is as a clanging gong. It will grate on peoples nerves. It will irritate them.

I don't know why Ron Paul isn't getting votes. Maybe there is some of that love that isn't showing through.

I don't know why some churches get less attenders and their congregation changes faces every few years. Maybe there isn't love showing through there.

Speaking the truth is a great thing. But not doing it in love, is like having salt that has no flavor. Might as well pitch it. It isn't doing its job.

So on this Groundhog's day, don't be afraid of the shadows. Hold fast to the truth, but don't forget why your doing it. Love your enemies. Love as God loves. He loved us while we were yet enemies. And when he shares his truth, try to figure out why he's doing it.
Think twice about they guy in the suit telling you about how rotten you are and try to see why he might be doing it.
After all, some people are voting for Paul, so there must be something there.

If the person really cares about you, they will treat you like an equal. Whether you deserve it or not. If they don't, you might want to ponder. And when you ponder, think about the love they haven't yet received. Sometimes the ones who speak the truth, forget the point of why they are supposed to be doing it.

Until all things are brought together in Him...,



Sherry said...
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layneh said...

Ron Paul won most of the TV debate polls because his views are skewed, Dems and liberals thought it would project a bad name for the GOP... So they cast their votes to get him to win.

Old Ronnie does have some good ideas, but his fault is that he believes America to be the root of the worlds problems.

Outside of that, I am sure Craig will add his two cents, and Timm will try to defend Paul. :) look forward to reading later comments.

Craig said...

I agree with Layne why Paul is getting the votes, but your post made me think of something else.

Paul is winning the polls after the TV debates is similar to 80% of Americans saying they are Christian. While I would love to believe that, with the rate of divorce, abortion and all the liberal views out there I just can't.

To me, Paul has some really good economic ideas, but they seem a little extreme and would never pass with a democrat controlled house and senate. Likewise, I think people like the idea of going to heaven or something to do with Christianity, but it is extreme to them to turn their life over to Him and not live the way they want.

Good Post

pastorbrianculver said...

I'm with you Layneh and Craig, Do you guys (and any gals that view this) have any thoughts on who the running mates will end up being for each remaining candidate?

McQ said...

There's another piece to this. Ron Paul supporters are huge with internet and tv. They almost have it monolpolized as far as campaign support goes. They constantly flood polls and such to beef up Paul's numbers. It's a small base doing it, but they do it overwhelmingly, so the numbers are inflated. I wouldn't say it's because people are scared of the truth, I might say it's because people are scared of crazy people, and that's often how Paul comes accross.

As far as running mates, I think McCain would pick up Guliani. I'm not sure about Romney.

j razz said...


Thanks for this post. Good thought on love and truth and referring back to scripture on this one. Much appreciated and a good reminder.

j razz

layneh said...

pastorbrianculver - I just wrote an article on this, which you can read here. To sum it up, there is rumors of a McCain/Huckabee ticket.

I think Ron Paul is out of it, and wont run independently. If he does, he surely wont help the Republican party.

If Obama won, and McCain won, Ron Paul could pull votes from both sides. But if Hillary won, and Ron Paul ran independently, it would only hurt the Republicans.

Timm said...

Actually Layne, I think I'm done with Politics until voting time. No defenses here.

The part of the post that actually mattered was a wonderful Reminder. Thanks for that Roland.

I'm a teching and correcting kind of guy. I'm also big on the rotteness of mankind. It's good to remember that although I preach that man is a fallen race who isnot capable of good works, I need to make sure it is known that I lump myself in that mix too. Doo all things in love.

Wonder Woman said...

I like the idea of love...

Love right back at cha Duckie Poo!

WW :)

heidi said...

If the person really cares about you, they will treat you like an equal. Whether you deserve it or not. If they don't, you might want to ponder.

Well, that hit me like a brick between the eyes. I needed that little bit of perspective.

MikeT said...


Care to back that claim that he views America as the root of the world's problems with actual evidence? See, I've seen the debates where he's criticized our foreign policy and such, and I've seen nothing that comes even close to passing as "blame America first" politics.

The man is more of a level-headed patriot than anyone else running for the Republican ticket. The rest of them would sell out in American to the illegal immigration lobby for a nickel of campaign donations.

Roland said...

I'm not going to back Layne's comment, but I have a question.

IF he is so level-headed, why doesn't he get votes?

I was actually trying to focus on other things more than Paul. He was just my lead in. :)

MikeT said...

Two simple reasons:

1) He speaks too plainly which doesn't reassure anyone.

2) He really would end many of the government programs that are accepted today.