Monday, February 25, 2008

Jesus is my lover

Pretty steamy post title, eh?

The message I heard at church yesterday really resonated with me.
I have always heard that Jesus is my Savior.
There were times when I really hung onto the fact that Jesus is my Master.
And I even grab onto the fact that Jesus is my friend.
But lover of my soul...

Yet we are called his bride. We can have a relationship with him that is so deep that our closest example of it is marriage. It's kind of intimidating, in a way. I often end up finding things that distract me from Him. Yet He still beckons me back. Some might think He sends out the city watch to haul you back, but that isn't really how He operates. Missed perception on their part.

Like lovers, we have our spats and arguments. We disagree (me being right, of course), and have times apart (at least to my view). But He is ever so patient and kind. Whenever I look away from Him, He is still right there and focused on me. I try to be that way for my wife, and can't. He is always right, whenever I disagree, but He doesn't cram it down my throat. He usually just waits patiently until I realize my error.

I've seen others (including myself at times), who want to be right. So badly do they want this that they forget what Jesus told them about themselves. So I will try to sum up some things that Jesus thinks about you.

You are a friend.
You are loved.
You are worthy of that love.
. (He must think so, He died for you)
You are all these things and so much more.

Don't forget them. Otherwise you will forget what we are to be. Lovers.
So share that love with others as He so freely shares it with you.

Everyone is loved by Him. Everyone.
Enjoy the fact that you are loved and lovable.
And for those of you who read this and disagree,
don't look at me, you are disagreeing with God.
Take it up with Him.


Wonder Woman said...

You could have titled it even steamer - Yell Out Oh God, Like You Mean It!

I sure hope He has a great sense of humour...

Eeesh :)

Nator said...

Love is the most important thought in the Bible and yet we push God's love back behind our theologies until love has left the building. I bet HE is disapointed in us for being so unloving and judgemental. (and I am talking to myself here)

Geppy said...

Good post Roland, and good comments Nator. If only we could be less judgmental of others and of ourselves. It is nice when you get involved in a conversation where you can talk about something without people being "wounded" by someone speaking something anti- their own thoughts. I have had trouble with this before, but have been learning this year.

Anonymous said...

Since God is love He must hate that which is evil, and since He is all holy and just He must punish evil. All humans are born evil sinners. But being rich in mercy, God sent His only Son, Jesus, to die on the cross for sinners and He rose from the dead on the third day. Repent (turn from sin) and trust in Jesus Christ alone and God will grant you eternal life. If not God in His wrath will punish you forever in hell.

Doorman-Priest said...

I have to say I have heard rather too much about God's wrath and Judgement recently: enough to last me a lifetime, but as I am a N.T. Christian as opposed to an O.T. Christian, I find it good to hear about the love of God.

Roland said...

WW - Thanks. You always seem to bring joy wherever you go. :)

Nator - Good thoughts. I am on the same page with you there.

Geppy - Ditto.

Doorman - I know what you mean. But the OT isn't always bad. Jesus used it all the time. And he kept finding love in it when we never seem to be able to. What a great Guy.

Anon - I will make a new post. Just for you. ;)

Nator said...

If God the Father is true, then all this love must equal judgement talk is called into question. Jesus said that even an evil father can give good gifts to his children, then how much more will your Heavenly Father give?

Anonymous said...

To doorman-priest: God is the same God of the Old and New Testament, he does not change. He expresses His loving mercy the same way in Old and New Testament "by grace through faith"

Anonymous said...

If God really does love EVERYBODY because they are so lovable, then it seems stange that he had to send His son to die and pay the price for sinners (who do not love God). You can only experience God's love by repenting and trusting in Jesus alone.

WayneDawg said...

I don't know who Anon is (Please get a sign on name), but I agree 100%.

Anonymous said...

Wonder Woman - you will find out one way or another if God has a sense of humor.

Roland - you are full of your self, and you do not even know it.
Your blog site's name fits you appropriately beacause your posts are just ramblings, and not based on Biblical truth.

In Christ,

Anonymous said...

Wonder Woman - is God going to send me to hell because I spelled "lovable" wrong? I'll save you some time, I see that I spelled the word "because" wrong in the previous post.

In Christ,

Roland said...

Linda and Wayne, I'm sure you two would get along well.
Why does my 'lack of scripture' bother you?
What makes my point so impossible to be true?
Just curious.

Anonymous said...

roland - how can anybody have a meaningful conversation or discussion if there is not a common standard (the Word of God) to go by?

In Christ,