Monday, December 17, 2007

Getting Dirty

Last week at church, the pastor talked about the parable of the soils.
He asked us to look at it differently than it is usually presented.
There is the hard-packed soil, where nothing is produced.
The soil with rock underneath that has a bit of topsoil and it seems like something is growing, but it doesn't last.
The weedy soil that has the crop choked out of it.
And the fertile soil that produces much.

He asked everyone to look at their own heart as a field. And there all all those types of soil in that field. Everyone has areas where there much is produced and areas where things won't even get a chance to grow, well or otherwise.

It's a great way to examine one's self. It's so easy to look at other people and say, "Rocky, no fruit, not worth much." It's much more difficult to do that to yourself. We can always see where 'I' do well and 'they' don't.
So instead of trying to find the fault with everyone else and pointing out how they don't measure up, maybe we should work on our own fields.
After all, they need work too.


layneh said...

Was your pastor suggesting that all of us have a "field" where we have all 3 kinds of soil?

Roland said...

He was suggesting that followers of Christ have all 4 types.
Are there any areas you need work on and can see it? Probably weedy. Do some work.
I know there are areas I don't even realize are problems until it is specifically pointed out to me. Nothing even growing yet. Need to till up the hard packed ground. Just to be able to plant.

layneh said...

I agree everyone has areas like you mention, and while we need to recognize our need for improving them, we should keep in mind that perfection is only achieved by Christ. Duly important is that we recognize salvation is not by works.

By no means am I suggesting that you or anyone else falls under these ideas, just making a note about it. :)

layneh said...

I would also like to note that you have PFR as a fav musician on your profile. Thats awesome, I wish I could find their album with that song about "Goldie" on it!

I doubt you mind, but I added a link to your blog from my site. If you do mind, let me know.

Roland said...

Thanks Layne. It also makes me realize that I haven't added you yet. I will correct that immediately.

Timm said...

Good post Roland. I will be the first to admit that self examination is quite difficult. I don't think that was the purpose of that parable, but it's a great parallel.

Craig said...

Good post about self examination. I would like to note that this could reflect spiritual gifts.

MikeT said...

I like that. I think it works as a way of describing individuals' problem areas, and humanity in general. Everyone who confesses Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior will have areas where they will seem hard and unrepentant. In other areas, they very much are repentant and trying to change.