Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Bad touch, bad...

I'm still stupefied by this.

And for more, read this.

I understand the need to stop the public display of affection. I mean, let's make sure we give out condoms to elementary kids, and show them sex education at younger and younger ages. But, if they have the gall to touch each other at all, well that must be stopped! Might as well start the waving ban right now. If they wave to one person, and not another, someone might get their feelings hurt.

I just don't get it. Did the principals and leaders in these school districts not get enough affection as kids or what?

One more reason to have the government keep their hands off your kids.
Unless, you want the government to micromanage your life.

Somehow, I think it will eventually get there.
And we won't even see it. Not even after it's happened.


MJ Willard said...

Reminds me of some of the struggles I faced as a chaplain. I often felt the desire to reach out and give the patients a reassuring hug or to take their hands during prayer, yet I often felt the need to hold back because I wasn't sure how such a move would be taken by the patient or others in the room. What may be acceptable touch to me, might not have been acceptable touch to them and their needs always took precedence.

Billiam said...

It's another clang in the death toll of our society. Kids need affection, ie;hugs from friends, as well as adults. Pedophiles have ruined the latter, and the pc morons are killing the former. I guess they want to raise robots.

Timm said...

It seems like another Daily show piece. About half way through it hit me.... "wait a minute. This is Fox News. It's real!"

That is simply amazing.