Saturday, October 06, 2007

Canyons, grand and otherwise

Canyon Lake Gorge.

80 feet deep.
Formed in 3 days.

I thought this process was supposed to take millions of years.
At least, according to the leading theory of where we came from.


Kønig Hasemörder said...

you got to many "https" in your link brother. ;)

Roland said...

You're right.
Thanks. :)

Pablo said...

Makes you wonder what else scientists are wrong about, huh?

Geppy said...

What else, like maybe 111 million years for the Grand Canyon?

If that happened with comparably a small amount of water in 3 days, imagine 40 days and enough water to flood the earth.... I wonder what would happen if all of the ice caps melted and flooded us right now..?

Wonder Woman said...

I read your link - made me think a one syllable word, "Wow"...

It's the best one can hope for after a long weekend of Turkey and mucho rest.


Arielle said...

The human race has a long history of being wrong, so it's amusing to see the amount of hubris in today's scientific community.

Difster said...


I need yours and Joel's numbers again. My phone got smashed a while back and I lost all my number.

email it to me please.


Wonder Woman said...

I LOVE one of your favorite words "callipygian"!


JOHN said...
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John said...

The difference between truth and facts is __________ ?