Monday, September 10, 2007

Just plain weird

Calif. carpenter can work in the buff
Nice. At least he keeps his clothes clean

Oversalted burger leads to charges
A clear case of assault...

Foiled burglar loses clothes in tussle
Maybe he could get a job as a carpenter.

Man who lost pants and $41k gets it all back
Looks like the carpenter business isn't for him.


MikeT said...

That salt one was really surprising. If the hamburger was so salty it made you sick, how could you not tell that it was dangerously salty the moment you bit into it? It would taste like you had dipped it into the ocean!

Wonder Woman said...

Or a burger flipper fella :)

Lord Omar said...

Oh those carpenters...

Arielle said...

haha! Nice collection of articles.

Good to see you posting again. =)