Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Junk Mail

I got this in the mail. Normal junk mail you just throw out. This one actually caught my attention. And I am tempted to buy a t-shirt. Either way, I'm going to hang it up at my work.
I give Elect Me Tees, two thumbs up for marketing genius. Even if I don't end up buying one.


Wonder Woman said...

Two thumbs, fingers, whatever floats your boat ;)

Roland said...

Well, if I were Nixon, it would be 4 fingers.
If I only used one finger, it would depend on which one.

JOHN said...

ryc: Good point Roland. In one of my other posts, I put by the left or any other thing as well, Roland.
In fact, I generally warn against placing our hope in the political system,as it is a false hope.
I used to live next door to one of their leaders in Florida (how I came to know of Ron Paul, he was good friends with Dr. Miley). They know the libertarian party in general was in bad shape but the libertarian movement is not.
Right now I am not sure if we could vote our way out of the permanent government that exist in the form of lifetime appointments on the bench and the bureaucrats-the unelected government of whom we have no control.
Thanks for your comments! John

Wonder Woman said...

A whole hand, perhaps?

Eeewwwww, THAT would hurt :)