Friday, May 04, 2007


Yahoo! made a list of internet hoaxes. Here are some that caught my attention.

3. Bill Gates' Money Giveaway (1997)
No, it's true. I thought it was a scam, but it happened to a buddy of mine. It seems that Microsoft is testing some new program for tracing e-mail...
- Man did this one bug me. I remember debating one guy I know who sent me this thing. For all I know, he still believes it's true. Strangely, I don't hang around with this guy anymore...

5. Nigerian 419 E-Mail Scam (2000)
"DEAR SIR," the e-mail starts. "FIRSTLY I MUST FIRST SOLICIT YOUR CONFIDENCE IN THIS TRANSACTION; LET ME START BY INTRODUCING MYSELF PROPERLY..." I'm sure you've received one of these--a confidential, urgent e-mail message promising you a reward
- I corresponded with one scammer for several e-mails trying to tell him he was embezzling. I knew it wouldn't work, but it was fun to see his responses.

10. $250 Cookie Recipe (1996)
The woman loved the cookie she had just nibbled at a Neiman Marcus cafe in Houston, so she asked her waiter for the recipe. "Two-fifty," he said, and she agreed without hesitation, instructing him to add it to her tab. But when the woman's Visa bill arrived, it read $250, instead of $2.50.
- Just like the e-mail one above. But this was brought in by a co-worker. She isn't where I work anymore. I think she got a job selling cookies... :)

16. Sell It on eBay! (1995)
You won't believe what people have sold on eBay--some of the items pranks, some of them for real, and some, well, it's hard to tell.
- They list some, but my favorite was the time someone was selling a good 'ol fashioned butt-kicking. I think someone paid 25 cents to get beat up. I laughed so hard I cried. Someone spent a good amount of time making it up. Awesomely funny.

18. The Muppets Have Not Already Won (2001)
... a photo-montage of the Al-Qaeda leader, and in one of the shots a yellow felt puppet to his right glowers furiously at the camera. It's...Bert of Sesame Street. Originally a Zelig-inspired creation of San Francisco Webmaster Dino Ignacio, the satirical Web site Bert Is Evil...
- I love Evil Bert. It is just so, well..., wrong!

What are your favorite (or most annoying) internet hoaxes?


thimscool said...

I meant no disrespect...

Pablo said...

I hate the ones where a "kidnapped child" is involved. Usually there's a picture and an urgent request to pass the message along to everyone you know "because you might save a child's life". Googling the child's name along with the word "hoax" usually reveals that it is indeed a hoax, at which point I reply to whoever sent me the email, informing them of the hoax along with the link proving it.

Roland said...


I took down the post you commented on after an hour. I hadn't even known you left comments. They were quite good. Sorry for any confusion.