Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I still love the line used by Captain Barbosa about the 'Pirate's code' in the first Pirates of the Carribean movie:

"They're more like guidelines than actual rules."

Whenever I look at the scriptures, I try to view them the same way.
I know, I'm using an evil guy's ideas and taking them as my own.
Either there is truth in what is said, or there isn't.

"They are more like guidelines than actual rules."

I know some people will hate this idea.
Oh well, try not to leave a mess.


Anonymous said...

Hehe. I use this same quote at work also, to try to fight the "religious" view points of certain computer platform people. :)

But I totally understand what you are saying. Personally, I think that there may be a few actual rules in the Bible though (that are more than guidelines).

Roland said...

Thanks for understanding, Geppy.
I treat some things more like rules myself, but that's a matter of personal taste.
Sometimes I do think I am trying to get a reaction. :)

Roland said...

(hit enter too early)
But the truth is that when you really want to follow the guidelines that keep you and others safer, they are less like rules.

Wonder Woman said...

I prefer guidelines, I suck at rules...

And other stuff ;)

thimscool said...

I was always taught that rules kill... equipment, and possibly people.

A check list is the worst possible approach to a complex problem... better that there is an understanding of the demands to meet the situation... then the checklist/guidelines serve to make sure you didn't miss anything.

The impulse to do the right thing is internal, not rules in a Book. We are antennae, and the book is the manual... not the life.

I feel this very strongly, and I accept that we should test against scripture, but I submit that scripture can be turned to any end if laden with misinterpretation.

MikeT said...

Yes and no. If two of your buddies catch you murdering someone, they can still get away with stoning you to death in the eyes of God. As it is written,

Luke 16:17
It is easier for heaven and earth to disappear than for the least stroke of a pen to drop out of the Law.

Anonymous said...

How about a couple examples of what I would consider "rules?" I think we probably would all agree that there are some "rules."

1. God is the Creator of all that is - whether thru evolution or not (ie, there is a Creator)
2. Jesus is God's only son who lived a bodily life on this earth, died, buried, rose again - thus our own hope for resurrection

Anonymous said...

But if you then stoned to death the murderer, you would go to jail as that is a violation of the countries laws (assuming you are in the US - can't speak for other countries laws).

Also, how would you then (as the one who stoned) feel about the greater commandment to not murder - or the even greater commandment to love God/love man?

Some of the laws were put into the five books of Moses to give order to a budding society, and to meet the hardness of heart and lack of maturity of the people.

Roland said...

I like all the comments.
But Geppy, yours pointed out something to me that made me understand why I posted this all the more.

The 2 rules you listed aren't rules.
They are facts.
Facts and rules are not the same thing.
I believe the facts you wrote down, but how do I obey them?
That really helped. Thanks.

Lord Omar said...

The 2 rules you listed aren't rules. They are facts.

...must restrain..temptation ... to edit...links..list...

joelle said...

Ha! I think you DEFINITELY like reactions. I think you sit there, going, hmmm, what can I post about today that will get people buzzing? :) Drama lover! ;)

Anonymous said...

I think I look at them as rules, because not all people accept them as facts. Maybe instead of thinking of them as rules, I should think of them as base assumptions. :)

(BTW, you wouldn't believe the number of blogs lately that I have been involved in where the people don't accept these facts and quote that we are all gods and there is no Creator. But they aren't atheists.)

Roland said...

Lord Omar,
I rephrase my comment of 'facts' to 'base assumptions' based on Geppy's comments. Better? ;)

C'mon. Me?!?!?
But seriously, there is an amount of truth in it that we refuse to look at sometimes. Whatever the reason, we get uncomfortable. No one said life would be absolutely comforting.

Base assumptions would be a better way to put it. They still are not rules. Just things we deem to be true. Doesn't make it a rule, but rather a place to start from.

Wonder Woman said...

Still sucking...