Monday, April 30, 2007

What's up with that?

From: Kingdom Now
by David Johnson

His name was Ray. He sat in the
third row on the aisle seat of the
church I grew up in. Every Sunday,
there he was—watching, critiquing,
making sure my father said it right.
Ray’s Bible was a thing to behold.
Words underlined and circled with
arrows pointing to other words—notes
in the margin of almost every page. I
think he knew the Bible better than God.

I knew people like that. Shucks, I was turning into that guy at one time.
I love when Dave asks the question, "What's up with that?"
It makes you stop and think
that there might just be something more to following Jesus,
than making sure everyone has it right.


Wonder Woman - Unplugged! said...

Exactly, when you're ready to "set everyone straight" are you really, fully absorbing everything that you can?

Similar to "listening". If you're always ready to make YOUR point, have you fully given listening a chance?

eaglewood said...

While there is truth in what you are saying if you do not check the scriptures and ensure that what is being said is biblical then you are in danger of being led astray.

Paul himself praised the Barriens (sp?) for making sure what he said lined up with scripture. We should be no less diligent.

It is not about your pastors words or mine for that mater. What matters is what He says.

Roland said...

Good thoughts Wonder Woman.

Where to start. I could correct your spelling of Bereans (I know, you already pointed it out), but I won't. ;)

I'll give you some scripture instead,
"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom."
Hmmm... beginning.
"Perfect love drives out all fear."
Huh... fear at start, love removes fear... I think there's something to this.

You also wrote,
"What matters is what He says."

What do you think God says, Eaglewood?
What if I think differently than you?
Which one of is thinking correctly?
Are you sure?

After all, neither you nor I are God. We are fallible. Even when we think we're right. Sometimes, especially when we think we're right.

Morris said...

EAglewood is spot on in what he's saying concerning the scriptures.

There has to be a balance between knowing the scriptures, and having an *actual* and living relationship with the One who wrote them. We could have all the scripture memorised, but if we don't know Him personally, what good does it do?

On the other hand, if we don't know how to rightly divide the Word of Truth (understanding scripture in context), then we can be in great danger of worshiping 'another Jesus'

Roland said...

The scriptures are awesome and a great help.
But what about our conscience? Does that play no part?

I'll reiterate a question, Morris.

What do you think God says?

I know I'm stepping way into postmodernistic mode here, but there is a point.

Pablo said...

Loved the article. It's as if Ray got close enough to God (and His word) to "feel" he was right with Him without allowing God's grace to truly change his heart. As a former pastor, I've known one or two people like Ray. I never did find out how to convince them of the possibility that they might not be 100% right about everything all the time. It was discouraging to say the least.

Roland said...

Thanks, Pablo.
It helps knowing someone else understands it.

eaglewood said...

I never said I did not understand it, but just as "Ray" can take it too far one way and not be open to the Spirit's leading we can take it too far the other way and leave ourselves open to all kinds of wrong teachings.

Like I said it does not matter what "we" think scripture says. What matters is that we are open to His leading in what scripture says. We have to get ourselves out of the way and let the Spirit lead us plain and simple.

Roland said...

Thanks for understanding Eaglewood.
Without the Spirit, it doesn't work.