Thursday, April 26, 2007

What are we?

In the previous post, I wondered if anyone saw the connection of the line-up of those words.


These are all ways that God views you and me.
If you'll notice the progression, it doesn't start with friend or bride, it ends there.
God isn't interested in puppets or robots.
He gave us the ability to love.
In order for love to be, the possibility for it not to be must also exist.
Love is a choice. By both sides.
It amazes me still that God puts Himself in that position.
It also tells me how much He values you and me.


MikeT said...

Sheep... reminds me how I decided to nickname my fiancee "lambchop" because her name means Lamb of God ;)

Lord Omar said...

I forgive you, Roland.

Anonymous said...

Or porkchop cause he's abit on the chubby side?

thimscool said...

"Lambchop, you make my heart stop!"