Thursday, March 08, 2007

How many people...

How many people are worthy of being saved?
How many people have worth in God's eyes?

The questions are different. One has us trying to meet a requirement. The other does not.

How many people did God create?
How many people does He want to come to Him and be healed and made new?

Isn't it good to know that He comes seeking us. Just as we are. I have also noticed that He does this every day, every moment. If you disagree, tell me which person God doesn't wish to be saved. It shouldn't be that hard. After all, you only need to find one... ;)

- For those interested in wrestling with some deeper thoughts, go here.


Wonder Woman said...

Well... everyone.

Roland said...

Thanks my super hero compatriot. I was thinking the same thing.

eaglewood said...


You did ask us to name someone whom G_d did not want to be saved. that is one very tall order. There are after all 6 billion people currently on the planet and that does not include those who have gone before or those who will come after.

Although, scripturally I can say that we won't find that person, because he/she does not exist, nor will they ever exist.