Monday, March 26, 2007

Draw 'em in

The law. Following it in strict obedience and continually pointing out the flaws of others. Using it to get others to behave. Reminds me of the Pharisees. They exerted power to control and keep what they had.
They kept people out.

Grace. Jesus came to show a new way. Bring a new covenant. Although He understood that people broke the law, He wanted to heal those who saw their brokenness. He gave up His power to serve and give.
He drew people in.


Pablo said...

No one was ever made righteous by observing the Law. Romans 3:20

Wonder Woman said...

Knowing your errors, wanting to do better, this so HAS TO count for something. And in the Lord's eyes, it does - phew!

MikeT said...

Ummm the following the law in strict obedience part is sorta an ideal according to the New Testament. "If you love me, then you will keep my commands." The part about being judgmental, you're quite right about.

Roland said...

But what if we miss on a commandment, MikeT?
Do we get kicked out?
Judgmentalism applies to self as well as others.

I'm not saying we don't need to repent of our wrongs, but we do need to understand what makes us right.

If you aren't good enough to earn your salvation, what make you think you would be good enough to keep it?

Roland said...

Pablo and WW, right on!

MikeT said...


I'm a hypocrite like everyone else in that respect. I cannot live up to the law either, but I generally try to these days. It's not a matter of making mistakes. A non-negotiable aspect of it is that you try to follow the life that God has explained to us in the law. The law is part of being a Christian. Your failures are covered by grace, but to suggest that you don't really need to try to live in strict obedience to God's plans is not right. There is no dichotomy between strict obedience to the law, grace and not being judgmental.

Roland said...

I'm not saying you should throw out the scriptures. I'm just saying that when you put forth all that effort to keep the law, you are forgetting that it isn't about you keeping the law. The law's purpose is to point out sin. Read the book of Romans. Look at my previous post. The law is a good thing, but it cannot change a person from within. It doesn't change the desires a person has. It can curb them, but it doesn't change them. The law is limited in what it can do.

Here, read Romans 7:13-25; 13:10; Galatians 2:16-3:7.

Galatians points out (especially the first verses in chapter 3) that following the Spirit isn't done by obeying the law. Argue with Paul about it. He was inspired to write it. The law is a great set of guidelines and can keep us from trouble, but doesn't keep us right with God.
Don't throw out the scriptures and disregard them, rather try to realize what the are for.

Wonder Woman said...

Can I get 10 points, yet?

*standing alone in the rain, shivering, damp clothing, mascara running, hair stuck to my face ..sad, pathetic, cold...*

What about now?

Roland said...

Wonder Woman! I am shocked that you would stoop so low as to beg for pity points!
Well, maybe not.
If I gave you points, then everyone else would ask for points and eventually I would run out. So I take a firm stand and say, "No."
There will be other points available in future posts.
My wife says you can have 10 points, and even raises you 10 points.
I will hoard my points until the proper time.

heidi said...

The law is not about salvation. That comes through Christ and Him alone. "No man comes to the Father except through me."

Keeping His commandments is about relationship. Keeping them perfectly is impossible, unless you are the Son of G-d, we all know that. But having the desire to find G-d according to His terms instead of our own speaks directly to our willingness or lack thereof to submit our lives to Him, take up the cross and follow.