Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Once you accept Jesus...

You lose the right to reject anyone.


MikeT said...

Yes and no. There is a girl I know who, as far as I know, accepted Christ and then rejected him. Hebrews 6 (IIRC) says that apostasy is the second unforgivable sin because Christ cannot die again to bring an apostate back into the faith. I think that rejecting such a person would not be uncalled for if it happened, but you should still give them the benefit of the doubt that it's mere rebellion, not outright apostasy.

Roland said...

I have yet to figure out anyone's eternal destiny. When God let's me in on it, I can say whether or not he accepted or rejected, but can't go any further than that.

When I think about it, I realize He accepted me. And I ain't a 'great' guy. The only reason I am closer to Him is all His work.

Christ cannot die again to bring a person back to the faith. Either they're in, or they're not. I'm not sure if someone could reject being a new creation. God says He makes us new if we accept Him. So either we are new, or not.

Christ isn't going to die again, because it's all been taken care of. I'm not convinced that the passage says we can lose it. It just says, He won't do it again. There is no need.

Eaglewood said...

I am not saying you are wrong Roland, just currious.

What is the Biblical bassis for such a statement?

Arielle said...

Actually, Roland, we are told to reject certain people - people that claim to have been redeemed and yet continue unrepentant in sin such as sexual immorality.

I might be misinterpreting what you were saying, of course - it's late and I'm tired!

Roland said...

Is there any particular area you have trouble with, Arielle? I have trouble with anger. Does that mean God will reject me? After all, I know I shouldn't be that angry. Yet I don't get angry and think, "Well, God will let it slide." And if I did, you could reject me if you wished.
But when Jesus was here, he was telling us about Samaritans. People the Jews mistreated, and who mistreated the Jews. They were enemies. And He told us to do something with those enemies. Maybe some people we should try to avoid. Harm can befall us. We might even be nailed to a piece of wood.
But before that harm comes, the reconciliation will not.
Jesus died for the whole world. As far as I know, not just little pieces of it. But the whole thing. I wish I had that kind of character. And God willing (and He is) one day I will.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Roland. Like him, I was born a sinner.

I feel this pretty much limits my '"eternal destiny" knowing powers', DANGIT!

WW :)

Difster said...

Arielle is right, there are certain people we're not supposed to associate with. Whether you call that rejection or not is a matter of semantics.

It seems to me that we are not to condemn. Rejection isn't necessarily condemnation though. I would reject a known child molester but I would not condemn him since even he is not beyond salvation.

I think this issue needs to explore in depth.