Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Just the way I am

Not when I'm good enough
Not when I clean my act up
Not when I cross the line the thousandth time
And become a better man
Your grace is more than enough
To cover all my sins, Lord wash them away
So right here today
You love me just the way I am

- Big Daddy Weave

These are part of lyrics to a song that many Christians seem up in arms about.
I know the song is a couple of years old, but I wonder...

Do you think God loves you just as you are?


Difster said...

As far as I can tell, love has nothing to do with "how I am" and everything to do with "how He is". If God's love for me depended at all on how I am, I would be utterly and completely lost and beyond hope.

Birdie said...

Well said, Dif.

I was just listening to some Big Daddy Weave earlier today. Great minds, huh? ;)

MJ Willard said...

Hmm. I guess that depends on when you ask me who I am ;-) Seriously though, who I am today is different from who I was a nuber of years ago and probably different from who I will be several years down the road. As a Christian, I firmly beleive that by the power of His Holy Spirit ain wiork in me through Christ, God is daily, moment by moment shaping me into the person He created me to be, one like Christ. Everything that I have gone through, am going through and will go through is all necessary for me to become that person and God loves me just the same at every step along the way.

thimscool said...

As someone struggling to become a Christian, I would say that this is a song for current believers.

My skepticism is not helped by my worldly ways, and is largely a result of habit. I am trying to 'clean up my act' so that I can get past the inertia of my skepticism, and I hope that that will bring me to faith.

I have prayed many times for help from Jesus to this end, and I feel myself changing. He may love me no matter what, but he will only save me if I have faith, and that takes works. I was not born or raised to it.