Sunday, December 31, 2006

I'm not done yet.

I'm just on sabloggical for a while.
But it would be nice for you who stop by to know that.
Thanks to Arielle for poking me out of my silence.
I'm not quitting, just not up for it right now.

Some things to share.

My oldest daughter (7), chipped her tooth today. It's actually more like a little flake, but we'll have to get it looked at after the holidays.

My son (5), appropriately, is the one who tipped over her chair. Thus causing said chippage.

My youngest girl (3), is presently jumping on the bed. I'd stop her, but I swear it will be the last time she does it this year! By golly, I'm no pushover. I won't tolerate any more silliness this year. Well, maybe until midnight. And then we'll have to allow the New Year bed jumping. After all, we need to celebrate the new year as well as the old one.

Hmmm.... I wonder if I can talk my wife into jumping in the bed. Oh wait, I already did.

Happy New Year everyone!


Anonymous said...

great scotts he is alive. He knows you when your sleeping and when your awake... wait that is santa.

shadman is on

CrazyJo said...

Ha! Hope you and your family had fun with all the jumping.

Glad to see you are alive and kicking and I won't have to remove you from my blogroll next time I get in a housekeeping mood. :)

I wish you and yours a very blessed 2007!

MikeT said...

Sabatical? More like the longest brain fart in recent blogging history :-P

Difster said...

Happy New Year Roland!

Hey, give me a call one of these days. Joel has my number.

Arielle said...

Glad to see you're okay, Roland. Sounds like your New Year's was happy. =)

Birdie said...

Welcome back! I hope your new year is off to a splendid start.

Wonder Woman said...

Brain farts, I guess if ya gotta, at least they're tolerated when in bed ;)

Hope your New Year is most bed hoppingly fun!!!