Wednesday, October 04, 2006

President Bush

I am in awe and dumbfounded by how much people hate this man.

When Clinton was el Presidente, I didn't agree with everything he did, but I supported him.
He was our president.
I didn't support all his stuff, but I gave him kudos when he did well.

Bush doesn't get that.
If someone doesn't like the man, all they can do is bash him.
I'm not saying he is faultless, but just like any other president he has done well at times.

Now, those that hate him will just read into what I said that I am defending and promoting everything about him.
I can only say, "Read it again, and remove your mask of hatred toward another human being."

Whether you like him or not, he is our President.
Chosen by the people. (Yeah, even if you didn't vote for him like I didn't vote for Clinton).
Still the president.
Respect the office at the very least.

Leave a comment about one good thing and one bad thing you can think of about our president.

If you only leave negative, I won't have to make you look foolish.
You will have already done so by not reading the directions or understanding that you have faults too.



MikeT said...

I think the reason that he inspires such hatred from the left is that to them, he represents the ultimate subjugation of government to special interests ranging from neocon think tanks with messianic bents, to Halliburton. For those of us on the right, he represents the ultimate compromise of our values and is a useful idiot for left-wing values and would-be tyrants like Cheney, Rove and Rumsfeld. Then, there are the people from the military who despise the way that Rumsfeld has been allowed to wreck the military with his stubborn, general inability to tolerate any dissent. The administration as a whole loves secrecy, holds the public to a rigid standard that it doesn't even try to uphold and is generally... crap.

Yes, crap. He talks like a yeehaw cowboy out of one side of his mouth, then coos to the left like a good PC elitist by condemning "those icky minutemen" as a bunch of vigilantes. On top of it, his family is known for having personal, compromising ties to the House of Saud which is ironic considering how much the House of Saud has funded the rise of Wahabi Islam and Islamist expansionism.

To a lot of people, he is a mild-mannered Commodus who has come along after a string of bad leaders.

Roland said...

So the good thing about Bush is what, Mike?

Arielle said...

I have to say, Roland, you're giving us a tough task, here. I dislike Bush (but don't hate him) and seldom rant about him, but the truth is I've seen next to nothing of any worth transpire from his presidency.

Um - the closest I can come to saying something positive about him is that I'm glad he didn't support a Hamas-led Palestinian government, and that he signed the law banning partial-birth abortions.

thimscool said...


I answered this question at Morgan's blog. I said that one good thing about Bush is that he has been steadfast in his support of the military, and is unwilling to stoop to the level of exploiting our dead soldiers, like say, Cindy Sheehan.

Now here is my challenge to you. Answer your own question. What do you think Bush has done well? Did you like your $300 tax credits, for example? Is it because he hasn’t brought ‘dishonor’ to the office by having an affair like Clinton, and George Bush I did? Oh you didn’t know about GHWB’s affair? I guess that’s because it happened before the Republican party decided to make sport of discussing these matters. Note that during Clinton’s impeachment hearings, many Republican Congressmen and Senators were hoisted by their own petard.

Which brings me to my other problem with this post… I don’t doubt that you were open minded about Mr. Clinton’s presidency, because you are an extremely good natured sort. But the level of venom brought to bear by the Rush Limbaugh set was unprecedented. Do you not remember?

Personally, I think that Clinton was a real ass for the Monica thing, not least of which because she was an intern, making it sexual harassment (he had direct power over her job, such as it was). Also it was slimy, and I don’t like infidelity. I have a long list of other grievances of that president too, so don’t think I’m just playing politics.

But Bush has some really bad skeletons in his closet, and they are glossed over by Rovian marketing and a wink to the religious set. I think it’s very sad. So, again… please tell me what you like about his policies. Answer your own question.

Roland said...

Thanks Arielle.
The partial birth abortion ban is a good thing.
After all, why the democrats didn't want to stop that is just odd to me. The party that is supposed to be for the little guy ought to have jumped on that right away. Of course, they want votes, and those who don't want the child can and...

The rest of this is long. Sorry.

Luke, settle down.
I made this post specifically because of your comment at Morgan's. I think the Republicans were silly for trying to impeach Clinton for his Oval Office activities. They were stupid, but not worthy of that.

Bush took a hard and not very likable road when, instead of copying previous presidents, he tried to fix a problem in another country by doing it ourselves. I have to admit that we haven't had an attack like 9/11 here since. Not just due to that, but it does play a part. He could have done as all the previous administrations and just armed part of the indigenous population and let them become a problem in another 20 years and repeat the process again.
The man has actually stuck with it.
Not just because he is a "cowboy".
He seems to really believe that it can still be 'fixed' this way. I think he should have quit a while ago. I would have. Maybe he is dense. Either way, I can admire his determination.
He inherited a failing economy, and has managed to keep it from collapsing completely. Clinton didn't even 'mess' with it, and in the long run Reagan's policies finally started to run down. Change was needed before it started to get bad. Bush did well on that account.
All I have in my mind is a picture of Al Gore (as president) cowering under his desk huddled like a baby. If nothing else, Bush has definitely shown the countries that thought we Americans are soft that they were wrong. We are safer as a country now than we were then. You have to admit it. If you can't, I don't know what to say.
I don't agree with us still being there. I repeat it so you can understand what I'm trying to say. He screws up just like everyone else. And like every other president he denies it.
He tries.
Clinton tried.
GW the first tried.
Reagan tried.
And until the next president takes over, he will continue to do so.
I wouldn't want the job, do you?
What more do you want?
For him to be YOUR puppet?

Pablo said...

Hmmm...I like his "for us or against us" stance in his response to the Axis of Evil.

I really dislike his socialist, big-government, free-spending approach to running the country.

Anonymous said...

The average US voter want to be on the winning side when they vote.
The average US citizien want one of two thing. Either to be able to be in the group succeeding or have the people who are succeding to give up their success so others less willing or able to take the work and risks to succeed.
Both are view are dictatorial or socialistic in my view.
The current state of politics in the US is in my opinion not what the founding fathers wanted.

Question what do you thing will happen to the USA, When we only have two parties and one get a supermajority in Congress, Judicial and the White House?

Roland said...

First anon, you need to say something nice and nasty about Bush.
Second, I'll answer your question anyway. That's just the kind of guy I am.
If one party became a super-majority, there would be dissatisfaction with the way things were running and it wouldn't last. How do you think it would go down?