Monday, October 23, 2006

My son is a manly man

My son loves cars and weapons.
Oh yeah, video games too.
'nuf said.


MikeT said...

Your post reminds me of the Pearls Before Swine comic with Rat and the vikings, where Rat thinks that pig is singing Viking war songs with them and making men out of them instead of Pig's fluffy pop music :)

Roland said...

Thanks Mike.
That is one of my favorite comics right now.

Pablo said...

Has he challenged you to a fight yet? I was so proud when my little guy did that to me, I almost regretted the headlock!

Arielle said...

I love having boys. My toddler is so much fun, even if his rough-and-tumble ways have a way of leaving me bruised. (We're working on teaching him to be careful around his mom and baby brother!)

How old is your boy, Roland?