Monday, August 28, 2006

More Joy

It's strange how much I've changed.
Well, maybe not.
God is always working on drawing us closer to him.

During this Sunday's service at the door,
the message was joy again, but in the context of James 1:2.
But that isn't what I wanted to write about.

After the singing was over and Pastor Dave thanked the music leader, Ashley, the crowd applauded. Not an uncommon occurance at the Door. But it was the look on her face that set off the light bulb above my head. She was bright and shining.

When we had attended a more fundamental Baptist church, applause was peer pressured into non-existence. And they gave good reasons for not doing it. The reason was "It would give glory to the creation and not the creator." And although it sounds correct, I am realizing that isn't quite right.

When someone receives applause or congratulations for a job well done, that is just being encouraging. It is also giving glory to God for the gifts He has distributed among His people. When someone serves God, I don't think their main motivation is to get glory for themselves. Not that it won't happen at times, but that isn't why they do it.

We tend to forget that God made us.
We still sin, but that shouldn't be our focus.
We are His workmanship. His masterpiece.
We need to look at things in relationship to Phillipians 4:8.
(Go read it)
We are supposed to lift each other up, not tear each other down.

Have you done anything to make someone shine today?
You'll not regret it, if you do.
You have God's word on it.

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