Saturday, July 22, 2006


I have been reading a book called "Evolution of a Creationist"
(Betcha can tell what it's about) ;)

He makes a couple of interesting observations about faith.
Evolutionists have faith that matter and energy have always been there.
Creationists have faith that someone put everything together.

What caught my attention was what he said about the "Big Bang".
If all the universe was contained within a singularity at the beginning, then it was in a steady state. (go look it up)
Since it had to start here, what caused the big bang to go BOOM?
What caused the singularity to 'ignite' as it were?
Thinking that matter cycles between singularity and vast expanse is fine, but it still had start somewhere. (think about it)

Even if you believe the universe is billions and billions of years old, it still needed to get a nudge to get going.

So, what caused that nudge? ;)

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