Sunday, June 11, 2006

Helping Others

Wanted to share some facts about a woman in another country.
One that the church I go to has helped.

She has 6 children.
(Not all from the same father)
She lived in squalor.
(They provided food and clothes for her)
She had no where to live.
(She now lives in a building with steel doors and windows to keep out predators)

She now thanks Jesus for what was done for her.
The church I go to doesn't take credit for it.
(After all they learned it from you know who)

And now that your judgments have been made about this woman with 6 kids and no husband and many different "partners"

She has polio.
She couldn't even run from the "partners" she's had.

This is what Jesus wanted us to do as a people.

Help others.

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