Saturday, June 24, 2006

Crazy Creationist

Whoa! Yesterday was my 14th anniversary.
I took the day off from blogging.
I also didn't think my last post would create controversy.

My last post links to a guy that now believes in the Almighty, and I see the parallel in my own walk with God.
I encourage people to read "Mere Christianity" by C.S. Lewis.
And I put up an aside statement about the universe being put together by a loving, thoughtful creator instead of being "blowed up good, blowed up real good".
And which thought do people go for.
The aside. (sigh)

But, since you want it. Here goes.

"A solid crystalline ice composite is proposed by Dr. Carl E. Baugh which was created by God approximately 11 miles up in the stratosphere with the hydrogen atoms being so supercold as to act as a fiber optic superconductive metallic substance."
the whole article is here
(there are more like it, it was just the first I hit on)
Again, this is a theory. (Just like that "Big Bang" thing) :)
People can show things to disprove this too.
I'll let you find those links on your own. ;)
(You have no idea what this does to carbon-14 dating and the "closed system" some scientists hold to.)
This site has links to many "Young Earth" thoughts.
Did you know that the all knowing scientists who hold evolution in such high regard, didn't even think that hydrogen could be made metallic?

And, why does Genesis "have to be" an allegory?
It might be. But what if it is much more "real" than we think?
I don't ask this to answer it.
That is your job.
But, what if...

I trust what is written down in the Bible.
That is called faith.
You have faith that explosions create universes.
I have faith that explosions create destruction.
(I've seen them) ;)

And to me the best reason for believing the hydrogen canopy doesn't even come from Genesis.
It comes from Job - chapter 38.
verse 7.
"as the morning stars sang together
and all the angels shouted for joy"

Can you imagine hearing, actually hearing, the radio "noise" in our universe with a huge metallic hydrogen antenna?
I can.
That is why I have such joy. :)

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