Tuesday, May 09, 2006

We need to pull out of Washington DC!

You might wonder why we need to "cut and run" out of Washington DC.
Well, here goes...

Now, let's have some fun. The population of Iraq is 26,783,383. Let's be nice to those of a liberal persuasion and round down to 26 million.

Let's take the city of Washington DC and crank it up to a population of 26 million just for fun, okay?

Washington DC has a murder rate of 45.8 per 100,000 people according to 2002 figures. (latest I could find)

If it were 26 million people, the number of people being killed by aggressors would be 11,908.
I am talking about actively seeking out and killing another.
Not death rate, but murder rate.

Can you see where we are going yet?

The number of our boys who have valiantly given their lives for the sake of freedom in Iraq is 2648. I am counting all coalition forces in with our boys.
That number is for those killed in over 3 YEARS!

Let's compare:
Washington DC at 26 million people = 11,908 killed/year
Country of Iraq at 26million people = 883 killed/year.
City of L.A. at only 4 million people = 658 killed/year.

Thinking about it, we should pull out of LA, too.

Now, tell me again, "Why should we leave Iraq?"

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