Saturday, May 06, 2006

My body, my choice

Why are the unborn babies never allowed to choose?

I'm not talking about legal issues.
I know it is because the choices we all make are selfish.
At least to some extent.

But if someone commits a crime against another, it is a crime.
And when this act that looks like a crime is committed,
people feel bad about it.
Then they complain that they feel bad.
Why? They didn't do anything wrong, right?
Sadly, some are pressured into making the "right" decision.
Some are just overly selfish.
Either way, one more flicker of life disappears.

I know the very young have no voice in this.
But there are other groups that people work to defend.
Is is just because they don't see
and therefore don't understand what is happening?

I wish those who so profess to stand up for the little guy,

Would remember who the little guy really is.

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