Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Miss Understood

Why is it that when we talk about grace, people always go:
"But don't forget about the law!"


I'll give you this. The law helps us to understand what God wants us to do. It is NOT what defines a Christian!

I LIVE by the Spirit!
I don't LIVE by the law.
The law may be perfect, but it only brings death.
Go read a Bible if you want to find out where it says that!

You know what, skip it.
Jesus was always hanging out and drinking with any who would l*i*s*t*e*n. Engaging others in dialogue is fine, BUT LISTEN TO WHAT IS BEING SAID! (Or in this case, typed) ;)
And yes, HE DRANK! And it wasn't Welch's either!
And you know what else, CHRISTIANS ARE ALLOWED TO DRINK!
It doesn't mean you HAVE TO!
That's the whole point!

Jesus died to set us free.

Are you free?

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