Thursday, April 13, 2006


First, I want to state, I don't agree with polygamy (or even gay marriages).

My friend Difster opened up a discussion on this subject on his site (see sidebar) and the comments are here.

One guy commented You people do realize that if you are wrong, you will go to hell for adultery as Christ will abandon you for the sin of unrepentant adultery on the Day of Judgement, right?

It made me think that we all need to be careful about the judgment thing. (Read my comment under Dif's post) I agree that Phillipians 4:8 is a better road to take, but we need to reason through things with God. Some people are just at different points in their life and need to reason in a different way. Telling them they are going to hell, just shuts them off to whatever point you might be making.

Think about the woman at the well. Did Jesus lambast her, "You slut! You've had 5 husbands and the guy you are with now isn't even that. What a whore! Go away!"
Not what he did at all. Although God is just, LOVE is the key. Understanding is not allowed under justice. With justice, there is no mercy. That's why God tells us HE alone is judge. Why HE alone will exact vengeance.
Our problem isn't because we don't understand justice.

Our problem is that we don't understand love.

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Craig said...

This is interesting because I have seen a perfect example of someone pointing out someone else's sin in a not so loving way. The result was a volley back and forth of each others sin.

This is a challenge because as brothers and sisters in Christ we should encourage and help each other. And one way is confronting sin. Even with non-believers because they don't know God's truth.

In the example you gave with the woman at the well, Jesus even pointed out the sin of polygamy. However as you said He does so in a compassionate manner.

Good post to make us self evaluate our actions and pursue a more Christlike attitude.