Thursday, April 06, 2006

Confronting spiritual abusers

Have you ever been in a church where you are told, that you don't measure up?
And no matter how hard you try, do the leaders (and others) judge you as unwilling to obey or undisiplined? Or maybe even (gasp) unsaved?
Are you called a rebel and made to feel shamed because you question those in positions of authority?

Abuse comes in many forms. Churches are not immune to doing the very things they should be stopping.

If you ever decide to confront pharisaical attitudes, remember that those in power will get angry. They don't like being caught with their pants down. (and to be honest, who does?)

It isn't a sin or wrong to talk about things that cause pain. It is a sin to hide it. It isn't much different than someone who abuses another physically or emotionally. People who are abused need to know what it is they are dealing with. And those doing it, need to be confronted. Not to punish anyone. But to get it to stop.

If you want to learn how to recognize spiritual manipulation that can happen within a church, you might want to read...

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