Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Make Movies 'Meathead'

Why can't Rob Reiner just make movies?
I love the Princess Bride.
Spinal Tap was good too, even if it was long and slow moving.
Instead he has to put his liberal agenda in front of what he does well.

Back in the late 80' or early 90's, Michael Moore had a TV show that was actually funny. I don't understand him anymore, either. Don't remember the name the show and don't care anymore.

I am not saying he shouldn't do things political, but I just get so frustrated by this kind of junk.
Why do we get so messed up when we get power?
This goes from George W Bush to Rob Reiner.
Whoever we are we screw up. It just gets more notice when we have power.

I wonder, does anyone know of a person with political power that they actually agree with enough not to lambast?

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