Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Anger expressed through humor

I watched the 'Lord of the Beans' from Veggie Tales. My wife and I were discussing the 'Elders' after the movie. They were very loosely based on the Ents in the 'Lord of the Rings'

As they were arriving to see them, the wizard warned the fellowship of the bean that these 'Elders' lost their sense of humor ages ago. So they weren't supposed to laugh around them. Of course this is exactly what happens. And the 'Elders' got irate. It's funny. Mainly because I see that the people who made this story have probably had bad experiences in church situations.

It is sad when elders in churches lose the ability to have joy for fear of making a mistake.

I am looking to find a group of local believers right now and am hoping to find joy. Especially in the leader(s). Pray for me, if you would. I hope to find those who know how to laugh and cry. Sing and mourn. Listen and talk.

If you know me. You know how hard it is. For me and for those that were left behind. But, after seeing the 'Lord of the Beans' I now understand why the leader of the church we left a while back doesn't like them. Maybe one day he will understand. There is always hope.

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