Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Gotta have my pop(e)s...

The pope arrives at the airport, and is greeted by a limo driver. The limo driver explains that the Pope-mobile is in the shop and he is there to give him a ride. The pope nods understandingly and asks the limo driver if he could drive. The limodriver starts to protest, but the pope says, "Hey, I'm the pope. What could happen?"

So, reluctantly the limo driver lets the pope drive. They hit well over a hundred on the freeway. They pass a police car. He turns on the lights, and pulls them over.

He comes up to the car to give out the ticket, sees who's driving and goes back to his squad car without a word. He radios the base and tells them, "I can't give this guy a ticket."

"Why not," comes the reply. "You said he was doing 110 mph."

"Well, this guy is big."

"How big? Is it the mayor?"

"No, bigger"

"Bigger than the mayor?! (chuckle) Is it the president?"

"No, It's God!"

"What make you think it's God?!"

"Well, it has to be. He's got the pope driving for him!"

Here's hoping you all get to be the limo driver once in a while!

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