Sunday, February 19, 2006

Fire! No, wait. Smoke!

My boy genius surprised me again.

My wife left about 10 minutes before the 'Microwave Incident'

I was talking on the phone to a friend. My son came up and asked me to unwrap a breakfast bar for him. I did. My son has seen my wife warm these foodstuffs in the microwave for about 15-20 seconds before she gives them to him or his siblings.

A few minutes after he wandered off with his snack, which I assumed he was happily eating, I heard from the kitchen, "Dad, help!"

I sprang into action. I can see into the kitchen from the living room and saw the microwave was on (the light was a giveaway). But due to my keen powers of observation, I was sure the smoke seeping out from it was some sort problem.

I instinctively yelled, "OPEN IT!" and sprinted toward the kitchen.

He opened it before I got 10 feet. As the smoke poured forth from the appliance, I wondered if I shouldn't have waited the extra 5 seconds and just shut it off and went outside into the sub-freezing temps with the microwave.

That particular avenue wasn't travelled, so I spatula-ed out the material and rinsed it under cold water.

The family is over the coughing fits that ensued. My son is okay. Shucks, he even knows that smoke pouring out from microwaves isn't normal! I gave him another snack, and strongly suggested that he ask before using the microwave again.

Well, my wife will be home soon. The rest of us will be in hiding for a while. I will post a note and hope she looks at the computer and reads this...

before hunting us down. I think I here her coming...


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